Imagine Your Dream Gym

No memberships required, no credit cards nor auto-drafts nor annual contracts, a truly free gym on your terms and your time.

Imagine being able to exercise in the open air, using equipment previously limited to costly gyms and fitness centers.

Imagine the Freedom to Be Fit.

FreedomFIT™ brings your workout to your neighborhood, open to the public at your local parks and beaches.

Whether your focus is weight loss, increased flexibility, or strength training, the FreedomFIT™ outdoor exercise product line is your fitness solution. Our incredibly durable equipment is built to last, rain or shine, and are designed to make the most of your workout experience. Stay tuned for more information.

Outdoor Exercise Equipment

for Leisure & Recreation

FreedomFIT™ is proud to present two lines of sports, leisure and recreation equipment that can be installed in a variety of combinations, both in indoor gyms as well as outdoor park and beach recreation areas.

Specialized Features
  • Stable axles and bearings.
  • Orthopedic seats and backs made of strong, resistant polyamide fabric that is soft and insulates warm and cold temperatures.
  • Warm Galvanization, at least 100 micron thick, covered with epoxy at least 100 micron thick, and a layer of Anti-UV resistant polish.
  • Details and user instructions in large, legible print. Stickers protected by unbreakable polycarbonate.
  • Handles conveniently located on either side the seat to assist with sitting down and standing up. Handle design is patent protected.
  • Foot Support has 3 Resistance Levels: Light, Medium and Heavy.
  • All screws and bolts are covered to prevent damage and vandalism.
  • Metal handle at least 3.25 mm wide.
Freedom FIT active equipment for outdoor health & Fitness