Special Indoor/Outdoor Line Designed for Juniors

Phyiscal education is key in the developing bodies of young teenagers and college students. Physical activity as a daily habit not only discourages childhood obesity, but can also improve your child's overall quality of life.

Regular Exercise Aids Growing Bodies in Many Ways:

FreedomFIT Equipment Features

The installation of the FreedomFIT™ Junior Equipment line is designed to accomdate the wide variety of indoor and outdoor school gymnasiums and community activity centers.

FreedomFIT™ machines can be paired to one post as a coupled workout station for outdoor playground-type settings. Schools can spice up their PE classes with their very own outdoor circuit training routine.

Outdoor Installation Specifications:

  • Stations of single or double machines attached to support post.
  • The sturdy post has a circumference of 2.5m3.
  • Support post buried in 0.6-7m deep hole in ground.
  • Post is encased in 0.7m3 of cement for added strength.
FreedomFIT exercise equipment for schoolyards and playgrounds.

The FreedomFIT™ Junior Equipment line can be mounted indoors, best suited for large, indoor gynasiums, such as in middle and high schools, as well as community centers.

Indoor Installation Specifications:

  • Individual machines attached to wall.
  • Machines attach by two points into the wall.
  • Additional ground attach point for added strength.
  • Body-weight resistance results in less bulk.
  • Various models can be lined up alongside one another.