Special Sports Installation Line for Senior Citizens

The past decade has seen great progress in the area of geriatrics study, dealing with the importance of maintaining general physical strength over the years and more specifically, the benefits of exercise for seniors. Research has clearly shown physical exercise is beneficial for all age groups, inlcluding seniors.

It has been well proven that the ability to strengthen the skeletal muscles is preserved by adults who exercise than those who do not. The skeletal system undergoes structural and functional changes which decrease muscle strength, adversely affecting the quality of life and daily activity.

This may include increased cholesterol, weight gain, as well as an increased risk of suffering from falls. It can also decrease the ability to carry out simple everyday activities such as standing up from a sitting position, stepping out of a car or bathtub, or other similar actions.

FreedomFIT Equipment Features

The senior citizen installations are particularly user-friendly and equipped with features specially designed to suite seniors:

  • Easy Entry and Exit
  • Usable in Either Sitting or Standing Positions
  • Support Handles for Ease of Use
  • Foot Support for Advanced Users (Provides 3 Levels of Exercise: Light, Medium and Heavy)
  • Large, Clearly Printed Instructions on the Spine of Each Machine
  • Specially engineered machines dedicated to the specific physical needs of elderly users such as the Hip Curl machine, which strengthens the hip.

Gluteus and Thigh Exerciser

Focus: Strengthens thigh muscles and increases flexibility.

Muscles Worked by Gluteus and Thigh Exerciser

Preserving one's hips is of the utmost importance. Maintaining muscular hips helps to prevent falls. Machine used in a standing position, supports back and arms. Fully controls user movement.

Sit-Down Tricep Extensions

Focus: Triceps (primary muscles for standing).

Muscles Worked by Triceps Extensions

To be able to stand up and support oneself is essential for day-to-day activity. The sit-down triceps machine develops and strengthens the triceps, giving confidence in your mobility.

Balance Plates

Focus: Developed to strengthen the body and improve balance, which helps to prevent falls

The plates work on inversion, aversion point and flex - key walking movements. Sturdy handles have been installed for added security.

Arm & Spine Stretch

Focus: Horizontal and vertical movements enhance flexibility.

Flexibility in the shoulders, lower body and spine is crucially important.

This machine was developed specifically for the senior product line.

Leg Squats

Focus: Squats aid good posture by strengthening leg, gluteus and hip muscles.

Chest Muscles Worked by Butterly Leg Squats

Bend knees while holding front handle neutralizes pressure on lower back and thighs. Mimics the natural motion of rising from a seat.

Chest Press

Focus: Tones arms, chest and upper body (Pecs, Shoulders and Triceps).

Muscles Worked by Chest Press

Feet support eases pressure on lower back and enables two difficulty levels in vertical and horizontal positions.

Uniquely designed model for seniors with lower resistance than ordinary machine.


Focus: Strengthens the arms, upper body and back muscles.

Muscles Worked by Pulley

Handles ease sitting and standing. Foot supports ease pressure on lower back.

Uniquely designed model for seniors with lower resistance than ordinary machine.

Hybrid Bicycle

Focus: Cardio leg and buttocks workout ideal for fat burning.

Muscles Worked by Hybrid Bicycle

Special easy-chair bicycle for seniors with walk- through for easy entry and exit. Pedals are installed at a hybrid angle, so users do not need to raise their legs.

Hip Curl

Focus: Strengthens hips and back and helps to achieve good posture.

Muscles Worked by Hip Curl

The Hip Curl twists the hip area. This circular motion aims to increase flexibilty by loosening the hips and spine. This exercise is highly beneficial to seniors looking to improve their health.

Air Walk

Focus: Cardiovascular aerobic activity for hip movement.

Muscles Worked by Air Walk

Low step provides security for those stepping onto the equipment. Short movement span avoids groin injuries. The Air Walk prevents uncontrolled stretching of the groin.